COVID-19 Chest X-Ray Class.

Classification of COVID-19 chest Xrays and explainability using Lime explainer and Shapley value.
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IMU data classification

In this project, I used a 1D-CNN to perform classification on time series data. Data is taken from Kaggle competition [Surface Type Classification].
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EEG Classification

I used EEG dataset generated at AIM lab at NYUAD. The experimental setup consisted of a surface-haptics device. Participants had to swipe on the screen under two experimental conditions: with and without tactile feedback. We use SVM to identify the most influential electrodes in diffrentiating the two categories.
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Research Engineer at Khalifa University

Abu Dhabi, UAE - Fall 2018 to Present

I worked under the supervision of Dr. Mihai Sanduleanu and Dr. Baker Mohammad on designing a sub-range Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) in 65nm TSMC technology.

Digital Design Engineer at Golden Electronics

Amman, Jordan - 2017 to 2018

I worked on the design and layout of digital circuits in 7nm, 8nm, 14nm, 16nm (FinFet), and 28nm technology nodes. I gained debugging skills like DRC, LVS, and ERC errors using verification tools. I also worked on circuit optimization; specifically area reduction and speed boosting.

Intern at CERN

Geneva, Switzerland - Summer 2012

I did an internship at ISOLDE laboratory (nuclear physics facility) at CERN under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Elias Cocolios. I performed simulations on the interaction between the Francium element and the Si detectors using MATLAB & SRIM software packages. I also attended a series of lectures on topics of interest to CERN from accelerators and detectors technologies to fundamental research.

New York University, Ph.D.

Session: Jan. 2019 - Present

Result: 3.78 (In the Scale of 4.00)

I am currently doing my Ph.D. in NeuroHaptics (using neuroscience to understand our sense of touch) under the Electrical Engineering department. I completed my course work with a CGPA of 3.78/4 and currently working on my thesis work.

Masdar Institute (Khalifa University, now), M.Sc.

Session: Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2016

Result: 4.00 (In the Scale of 4.00)

I majored in microsystems under the supervision of Dr. Jerald Yoo with CGPA 4/4. I mainly did Circuit Design (simulation and layout) on Cadence in addition to screen printing of passive elements on medical material. The latter was the topic of my Thesis. Have a look at this paper for more details!

University of Sharjah, B.Sc.

Session: Sept. 2009 - Jun. 2014

Result: 3.93 (In the Scale of 4.00)

​I majored in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a minor in applied physics and graduated with CGPA 3.93/4. I loved both signal processing and quantum mechanics courses. My Senior Desing Project was on developing a P300 speller application; software that helps ALS patients to spell on-screen using their brain signals (EEG).

H Alsuradi, C Pawar, W Park, M Eid
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H Alsuradi, C Pawar, W Park, M Eid
2020 IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS), 775-780

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H Alsuradi, J Yoo
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 1-4

W Saadeh, MAB Altaf, H Alsuradi, J Yoo
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W Saadeh, H Alsuradi, MAB Altaf, J Yoo
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Thomas Elias Cocolios, HH Al Suradi, J Billowes, I Budinčević, RP De Groote, S De Schepper, VN Fedosseev, KT Flanagan . . .

HH AlSuradi, RI Khawaga, H AlAwadhi
Journal of Young Investigators 25 (6)